jeudi 19 août 2010

Alternative Marketing examples in Telecom industry

Although it's not easy to find a clear definition of alternative marketing, most sources put in this category of marketing all the techniques that doesn't come from traditional, intrusive and boring marketing.
The main idea of alternative marketing is advertising through extremely innovative and attractive concepts, that seduce the consumer and push him to come himself to the brand asking for information, even to spread the word and create a buzz about it.
Alternative marketing include many branches such as buzz marketing, street marketing, guerrilla marketing, ambush marketing, undercover marketing...
I am not intending to analyze alternative marketing, i will just give real examples in the telecom industry.

The first exemple is the usage of the roman telco Romtelecom to advertise for his VOD offer and the for the opening of a new store (august 2010):

Sony Ericsson advertises for his new mobile Xperia X10 Mini using a Mini Parade concept (july 2010):

also to announce the roll out of their mobiles Aino and Satio with their Hoppers invasion (november 2009):

Blackberry captures the passengers' attention in Paris through its biggest "Blackberry device", on which they displayed messages sent by the passengers through facebook and Blackberry messenger (may 2010):

And finally Nokia, to promote their Ovi navigation application, they installed a huge crane in London carrying a giant signpost in the form of an arrow. The passengers send an sms to the signpost including a destination, so the arrow changes its orientation into the direction of the destination while displaying the message and the estimated distance (january 2010):

I will probably try to analyze more deeply alternative marketing in one of my upcoming posts.


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